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Clear, calm and stab…. Ah Choo!

September 27, 2016

That’s how my meditation practice feels these days. In fact, that’s the headline that came to me during today’s session. Right after my  third sneeze.

It doesn’t feel particularly meditative. Not clear,calm or stable. 

But it’s a practice. So I will persist. 

I want to feel like I imagine this feels…that’s the goal. 

What is that baby thinking?

September 26, 2016

Any parent or someone who’s spent time with babies or young children will have wondered at least once, and perhaps many times, about what the baby was thinking. The manner through which they absorb and interact with things can be hypnotizing, especially if you are a parent.

Sometimes they seem like goofy animals, even beasts. Other times, the thought process feels intricate, as if they are studying and considering. Turns out, it’s all correct.

“Babies and young children are like the R&D division of the human species,” says psychologist Alison Gopnik. Her research explores the sophisticated intelligence-gathering and decision-making that babies are really doing when they play.

This gives reason, then, to the expert recommendations that parents and caregivers should read to and talk and sing with, children.

And it makes sense, then, that if we are able to teach them or impart wisdom to them about resilience from a young age, that they would process it, retain it and live it.

So it’s not JUST about reading and talking, but how we do it and the content we share. If we combine Gopnick’s theory with the idea that we want to raise children to learn some things we deem good and right and beneficial, then our own behavior becomes that much more important.

There are no new discoveries I’m imparting here. It’s a known fact that children are like little sponges that take in everything and that they’ll use that information to become the people they will become. But what I’m considering, as a mom, is how to do that intentionally and with the “right” ideas. And what that means to me could be quite different than what it means to you.

If this interests you, you may enjoy this Ted Talk from Gopnick.

A pretty big number

September 26, 2016
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When you start from 0, then 5 is a pretty big number. 

When you’ve previously put in no time at all, 5 years is a long time. 

When you start with no experience,5 years of experience teaches you a lot. 

When you start with nothing, gaining 5 years is a great accomplishment. 

Collecting ideas

September 23, 2016

“Most entrepreneurs that break out are rebels.”

“The first thing most parents teach their children is what to be afraid of.”

“Parenting is hardest because there’s another parent.” They may have different ideas about how to raise the children.

A friend I met through altMBA shared these opinions with me the other day. I’m ruminating on where entrepreneurs come from and am fascinated on the materials, ideas and thoughts that exist.

Consider your experiences, the personalities of entrepreneurial thinkers with whom you have crossed paths. What do they have in common?


What have we learned?

September 21, 2016

I had to catch my breath.

Watching this trailer is not for the feint of heart. I don’t know how I could make it through the film. I want to find a way to see it right away. I want to hide in my home and not make it to the screening. I want to hold firm and hear the whole story, the previously untold and intimately personal parts. Once I learn more about the tragedy, I can’t unlearn it. I won’t be able to erase the stories and images from my head and heart. It often feels like more than I can take.

Huffington Post has the trailer for the new documentary, Newtown. It is instantly painful and heartbreaking. I am unable to post it here, so please, go watch it.

The stories are heartbreaking, but yet the people are so hopeful for the rest of the country. We should be so thankful to them.

What have we learned from the tragic event? It made the gun-control supporters more staunch, yet the pro-gun supporters aren’t convinced. It is them who should see this movie, but it is us who will line up for it, cry along with it and mourn once again for the families who lost so much and the community that continues to struggle.

To learn more about the film, visit




September 19, 2016

What’s your sign? No, I’m not hitting on you. 

What your sign has been historically may not be your sign any longer. 

Due to NASA discoveries, we know now astrological signs have shifted

I’m a Virgo. I like Pina coladas and getting lost In the rain. (Little side Joke there. Hope you got it. If not, listen to the Pina colada song now. I digress.)

I should correct myself. I’ve always been a Virgo, and this article is telling me I’m now a Leo.  I’ve always identified with a number of the stereotypical Virgo characteristics. 

I don’t know much about Leo’s. I’ll need to do some research. I wonder: Will I see myself there? Will it answer previously unanswerable questions about my decisions, my actions, behavior?

Will I begin to self identify as a Leo? Do people adapt their thoughts to new labels?

And what about people who are now Ophiuchus, a previously unheard of star sign. There’s no cultural history there that I know of. It could open  new doors for them. 

Some people put a lot of stock in astrology. How will they adapt?

If you do put a lot of weight there, don’t panic. An article in ScienceAlert says NASA says they wouldn’t make that change because they study astronomy not astrology. But for purists,perhaps knowing the change exists will be enough for them to react somehow. 

It’s no big stretch to leap from astrological signs to my previous questions about how entrepreneurs are made. It raises more questions about predetermination and the characteristics we are born with versus how we are raised and what experiences we have that shape the people we become. 

So I can learn more about Leo’s and what it means. At this point in my adult life, it won’t likely mean much. 

Bubbles of excitement

September 16, 2016

We were chatting over coffee, Diana* and I, and it was clear she was struggling. The new job was turning out to be less than the change than she was searching for. She’d been arguing a lot with her partner about issues big and little. Her mom had been ill for a while and was showing no signs of permanent, full recovery. Things were shit, is how she felt.

I’ve been there. Man, have I. That feeling like nothing is going well. You can’t catch a break and one after another, life is piling it on. It doesn’t take long before you feel buried. Distraught. Weighed down. Burdened. Your shoulders physically droop.

I was fresh that day. I was still high on the thrill and momentum created by the altMBA program I’d completed. I was managing my job better, while planning my strategic exit. I was possibly in the midst of my daily blogging habit; and ideas and energy were flowing for me.

You need a little something outside of all this madness that will create moments of happiness for you, I told her. Something you can look forward to that will take your mind off the negative happenings. When you can create happiness in even one small area of your life, it can shift your mindset and carry over to other aspects. It can flip a switch in your brain from negativity to more positive thinking. I know because it happened to me.

You need a bubble of excitement, I told her. And I need it, too.



  • Diana is not her real name.
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