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August 22, 2016

A full carafe of tap water with 1/4 sliced lemon: $1.10

A full pint of tasty beer: $1.00 

Ahh, Czech Republic. 


August 19, 2016

Field hockey is an Olympic sport. So is handball. What other lesser-known sports are we missing in the US?

I’m always riveted by the Olympics. I love watching them. I’ve never watched, however, from outside the US. Fortunately, this year, the Rio spectacular is occurring during my August in the Czech Republic. And wow, mine eyes have been opened.

Our network TV companies have been holding back. While in Czech, I can access nearly round-the-clock athletic competitions. Much of it is live. I just caught highlights from women’s wrestling. And looks like I’m about to watch some more. Who will win – Azerbaijan or Venezuela? I’m spellbound. Find out for yourself.


Finding the disconnect

August 19, 2016

People like us do things like this,” wrote Seth Godin.

He said, “There are a lot of disconnected people out there. Most of us are disconnected. And if you can find the threads to connect people,  you can create value.”

There are so many aspects to each of our lives and numerous potential threads to connect. But what binds? It’ll be something different for me than for you. Then we’re not in the same tribe. 

Is it at simple as friendship? That’s something else, equally as valuable. It’s a common need, a gap, a line that needs filled. A place in our lives where we need support, input, others in order to thrive. 

Identifying our own points of disconnection can help others. If we do something about it. 

There’s self help and then there’s the next step, putting something out into the world to connect people. Neither are easy. 


August 17, 2016

For the grammar geeks, like me…

via NYer Today app


August 16, 2016

Can you teach someone to hustle? If hustling isn’t their nature.

Can you teach the gift of gab? To someone who tends on the quiet, introverted side. 

And if you could, should you?

On women

August 15, 2016

Truth in humor courtesy of my latest muse, the NYer Today app. 

I didn’t come for the beer

August 15, 2016

When I was young and carefree, I came for the beer.

Now I am older, (sometimes) wiser and cost conscious. And so now, dental tourism. A visit to the dentist has become part of my Czech summer sojourn.

With my dental insurance in the US, i could have my broken crown replaced for perhaps half of the $1395 estimated cost. In the Czech Republic, I have no insurance. All told, it cost only about $300. And that is high.

I wouldn’t do it without a translator (thanks Hubster!), because mostly no English is spoken by the doctors or nurses. And once I stop feeling like a salted slug, I think I’ll be quite pleased.

Here’s another timely option for dental tourism I hadn’t previously considered. Thank you, The NYer.


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